Windows 7 Installation Fails

I am not new the the tech industry but I am stumped by this. Let me first start by saying that I have searched Google for a week and tried numerous things to resolve this issue without success.

As I'm sure you've read elsewhere in other similar stories (with many being out there), my Windows 7 Ultimate Installation is hanging an "Expanding Files".. But wait, I don't think its a Windows issue. I have read and read some more on how to fix this and have tried (1) to change the SATA ports on the drives, both HD and DVD-ROM (2) to change hard-drives (both new) (3) to switch out 3 different DVD drives to ensure the drive wasn't failing (4) to check the BIOS settings (5) to remove the bios battery and hold down the power button the erase the CMOS Memory (6) to use different OS Discs (7) to use completely different operating systems- Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux, ReactOS (8) to remove memory and swap with memory that I know is good.

The ultimate object is to successfully install Windows 7 on this machine; but with all of the above being done and it still hanging on "Expanding Windows Files" and getting stuck to the point that I cannot move my mouse, I am unsure of what to do at this point. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. In BIOS is SATA set to AHCI?
  2. Believe it or not, I was unable to find any suggestion of this setting within the BIOS. The computer is an HP Pavilion a1240n.
  3. Hmm. Could try default settings in BIOS. You seem to have covered all the options mentioned elsewhere in other Forums...
  4. Quick look at your specs - your machine was released before AHCI was generally introduced, so no surprise there... but I see no reason why it would fail to run Win 7
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