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So I have all of the parts for my build ready for me today. I don't have and wasn't planning on getting any sort of optical drive, but I realized that my only copy of windows I own is on a disc. All of my old optical drives are IDE so I can't use those. I do have another computer and some thumb drive and an external hard drive so is there any way I can burn the image of the Windows disc onto, say, a thumb drive or my external HDD and be able to install windows on to my computer that way? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Arstechnica has an article on creating a bootable Windows 7 USB drive.
  2. ashmonke said:
    Arstechnica has an article on creating a bootable Windows 7 USB drive.

    Thanks. I downloaded that tool and read the page in the Microsoft store about it and I guess my question now is how to get the files from my Windows disc into an ISO format. It appears that you can buy an ISO of Windows 7 but I want to avoid doing so because I already bought the Professional Edition of Windows.

    Ok so I used a tool called Imgburn to convert the files on the windows disc into an ISO. I opened up the program you linked and it said the file was an invalid ISO. I tried making another ISO file with Daemon tools and received the same results.
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    You could just download the ISO from Microsoft's official provider:

    This is the same install media of the physical disc you already have. You will use the same product key you already have from your old disc.

    EDIT: The linked article has the download links for the various Win7 versions.
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