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I'm considering purchasing a laptop from ACER but not sure which CPU to go for. I've researched on intels (centrino duo) and also the (core 2 duo) but for a laptop which CPU would be best in terms of efficiency, any suggestions..

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  1. im not positive but i belive for laptops, Centrino is supposed to be better.
  2. Centrino includes the core 2 duo, at least all the latest ones do.

    You want a Core 2 Duo, without a doubt.
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  4. Thanks for your advice guys..

  5. Oh wow. . . I haven't seen somethin like this in a while. . .

    Centrino is Intel's marketing term for systems that use 1) an Intel processor on 2) an Intel chipset with 3) an Intel wireless solution. Kinda like asking: "If you were going to Wyoming would you visit Yellowstone National Park or Steamboat Geyser?"
  6. Yep, Centrino refers to the complete package. I have a Core2Duo T7200 in an Intel motherboard with an Intel wireless card, thus my system is labeled a Centrino Duo platform. At least Intel is still better than NVidia with naming :sarcastic: :sarcastic:
  7. Puma!
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