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Hi folks, I plan to build a system around a Gigabyte GA-8KNXP, and I need info on dual channel memory. I'm not sure what I'm suppose to be looking for in ram. I don't necessasrily see these listed as such. Do I buy the packages which come in pairs, usually stating something like "matched pair"? I was looking at this one for instance:


Is this memory I can use in a dual channel setup? I want to put in 2 gigs of ram in this system. I will not be overclocking anything. Any help with this is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Im not really an expert on this but if Ive read right in the past the Dual Channel memory depends on the motherboard and its capability to run the dual channel memory and you need 2 sticks of it in the motherboard. As far as matched sets I do most of my shopping on Newegg and have never seen matched sets on there,I would suggest getting all the same brand though. Like i said Im not really an expert but I thought this post might get you started.
  2. Hi exitron,

    Yes, matched pair is specifically meant for use in dual channel setup. (I have also seen the marketing term "dual channel" kit used.) So this ram should work fine. I did note that it's CL3, which seems rather slow. I'm running a matched pair with CL2. In between w/b CL2.5

    But this is for intel, and I use amd so I don't know how that CL3 will affect performance. Lastly, it may be a good idea to find a Forum for your specific mobo and see if there are any known issues with that ram and ur mobo. Some ram and mobo's just don't play nice together.

    Good luck

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  3. how do you fined the corsair memory im thinking of getting the same setup memory wise as you can you give me some info
  4. When people talk about dual channel they mean the two module you buy have to both be the same; size, speed, megabytes, and basic configuration, single or double sided but not one of each. Companies are selling a matched pair and this is inaccurate. There is no such thing as dual channel memory, it is a function of the motherboard. So, if you buy 2 modules at the same time you will have 2 modules that will work in dual channel mode. Easy enough, best to keep it simple.
  5. The matched pairs people sell are (theoretically) 2 sticks of ram that have worked together in dual channel at the stated FSB speed and timings. That's why they cost a little more than just 2 sticks of same-size, same-speed memory (about 10 bucks is what I've seen). This is because dual-channel is harder than single-channel on RAM. 2 same size sticks would usually work, but with matched pairs, you get the assurance that it has been tested in dual-channel config. However, I'm pretty certain that most quality RAM will run in dual-channel, without having to purchase a matched pair.
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