Will this laptop be able to run world of warcraft good?

Toshiba Model: A305-S6872
CPU Intel Core 2 duo T5800 2.0 Ghz 800mhz
3gb pc6400 ddr2 sdram
250gb 5400 rpm hardrive
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD With 128MB-1294MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory
Windows Vista home premium Sp 1
I have no idea what the integrated graphics can do i just want to know just about how this laptop will run wow and if it could run it smoothly id prolly buy it to use on the go and some gaming..
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  1. Smoothly? Depends. . . . That is an on board solution. . better than the x3100, but not by a whole lot.
  2. I think you'll be okay, depending on resolution. what will you be playing at?
  3. well as long as i could play it on a low resolution wont matter cuz i have a gaming desktop i just want a laptop on the go that will play world of warcraft smooth im considering buying that one above ^ but im worried how it will work like dwellman said integrated graphics might not hold up to well but is there any solution anyone know any laptops for 699$ or less that can play wow nice id use it for mild work and maybe if i go back to school and some gaming and im trying to find a good solution anyone got any ideas?
  4. i wouldnt risk it. "intel" and "graphics" should never mix. Spend a few more pennies and get something from ati.

    Besides, I dont think WOW will be enjoyable at lower resolutions with all the details scaled down. You better stick with Nintendo 8bit.
  5. Well, WOW should actually play well on even 900 series Intel graphics. . . but it does depend on the game settings
  6. thanks dwellman i started a new post/thread w/e on refurbished laptops certified by dell maybe you should check it out and tell me what you think
  7. I was actually wondering the same thing about my laptop. I just a Dell Inspiron 15 black for college in the fall and was wondering as unproductive as it may seem if WOW would work on my laptop? I believe my graphics card is Intel Media Accelerator 4500 or something like that. I want to purchase WOW as a going away gift for myself and wanted to be all set because right now I have the ten day trial which is addictive. Thanks alot for reading!!
  8. I can play WoW on my X3100 laptop with a Celeron Dual Core so a 4500 will do fine but I have to put my details all to low and resolution of 1024x768. FPS is around 10-30. I bet you can get a better integrated graphic card solution laptop with $699 budget.

    Even some dedicated ones like these:



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