Defragmenting NTFS partition with clustersize >4KB

is there any program that can defragment an NTFS partition with a cluster size exceeding 4KB? i have already tried diskeeper 8 and perfect disk 6 but with no effect, i'm getting the same error message all the time "unable to proceed because the cluster size is larger than 4KB". what other programs should i use? (the windows 2000 pro built-in defragmenter has not worked work since I uninstalled diskeeper :( )
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  1. what an odd problem. Cant you reformat to <4kb cluster?

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  2. Might try Goldenbow Vopt. Never bothered with changing cluster sizes, so can't guarantee it will work, but it's worth a try. has always worked well for me.
  3. Well, there's a good reason not to use anything other than the default cluter size.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">In Windows 2000, you can defragment only NTFS volumes that have cluster sizes smaller than or equal to 4 KB</A>

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  4. amen to that.

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  5. thanks guys :)
  6. Couldnt you try using the disk defragmentor from windows XP, it supports cluster sizes of over 4kb.

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  7. I already did that a few dayz ago :) Went to my friend's and defragmented the drive at his computer.
    But thanks anyway.
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