Sharing win7 files from XP

Okay so I recently replaced my desktop and it has win7 and my old PC which I want to use as a backup for files and the many programs I just don't use much and cannot be bothered installing on the new machine.

I have had a bitch of a time getting so that I can read files on the Win 7 from XP. No problem going the other way.

Here is what I had to do after following the instructions found in the sticky [General Discussion] Windows 7 Tips and the section from From mrface

As after following all instructions I was still unable to access the files from XP what I did was go to My Data section drive partition and right clicked each folder (only 3 so not that big a deal) clicked on share with then "specific people" and then added everyone from the drop down box then gave read read/write permission and clicked share.

This seems to work but I wonder if there is not an easier way of creating this share for everyone in all folders. Not so bad with a few but a nuisance if lots and need to add new folders in future having to remember to do this.

Have I missed an easier way?
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