Help needed deciding amd or intel HP laptop

I am about to purchase a laptop for my mother and I'm looking at the HP dv5 series, either intel or amd. however, i am stuck because I don't know if I should either go with the intel T5800 or the turion RM-70. She does not need anything super powerful, but I'm wondering which cpu will is better performance wise (because I am like that :P )

the price difference is marginal and I am leaning more towards the Intel chip because I know intel's the lead in cpu's both desktop and laptop right now. However, i thought the t5xx series chips were older and the rm chips were newer?
Tom's mobile cpu charts are outdated :( so i'm a bit curious.

Thanks for any advice
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  1. Turion RM-70: 2GHz, 2x512KB cache , 1800Mhz HT,31W
    T5800:2Ghz,2048KB cache,800MT/s FSB,35W

    both chips have their advantages and disadvantages. but with the memory controller being built into the RM-70 and with it not having a front side bus in reality as well as running with a slightly lower TDP I'd go for it over the T5800
  2. Isn't the RM-70 a newer chip too when compared to the t5800? I haven't followed much on laptop cpu's over the last year or so.

    Okay, well, thank you for the information. I was thinking the AMD cpu would be the better choice at that price level.
    Thank you
  3. The intel chip will outperform the AMD chip in almost everything. If you're looking for performance, get the intel chip.
  4. In this case, I'd probalby prefer the AMD chip over the older T5 series. . .
  5. dwellman said:
    In this case, I'd probalby prefer the AMD chip over the older T5 series. . .

    I'm pretty sure that the T5800 is based off the newest release of Intel CPU's, it's just part of the budget chips. My GF's Gateway has the T5800 in it and it runs everything fine. Clock for clock, the Intel chip will beat the AMD chip.

    Honestly, if performance isn't really an issue, I would go with whatever is cheaper. I know you said the difference was pretty negligible, but still.
  6. I would go with the AMD chip if your are comparing the two. I would research more in regarding which of the two cpu is easier on battery power.
  7. Lemme check my notes. . . so a T5800 would be a T7300 with half the cache? But it is 65nm or 45mn?

    I've not heard of this T5800. . I must have missed it. In any case, the dv5z has a relatively better power profile when doing media replated tasks compared to the dv5t where both use their on-board solution.

    Oh, and I must have had a brain fart. . . RM. I thought I saw ZM. Oh well. . . so processor-wise the Intel T5800 is statistically significantly (more than 2%) more powerful than the RM-70-- when it comes to CPU intensive tasks.
  8. I will probably end up getting her the intel system because she just told me she had a little more $$ to use for it, so I'll be upgrading the cpu. However, now it is the battle between the RM-72 and the intel p7350. I would assume that the intel chip will win this battle since it's 45nm @25w vs. the rm 72's 65nm @35w. either model has the exact same price for the hp dv5 series.
    So, now I am leaning towards the intel laptop, mainly because it's 45nm and will now include intel's newest integrated graphics chipset vs. the dv5z's ati integrated graphics.

    So, in the end, I guess Intel wins this battle. I know I like my dv5t with my t9400 but my mother does not need that caliber of muscle :P

    thanks for all your help
  9. FYI: ATI 3200 (AMD 780 integrated) > than Intel 4500MHD (GM45 integrated)
  10. Really? I didn't know... So, dv5z amd based laptop now? XD This keeps getting more and more interesting...
    I wouldn't think that there is a great performance difference between the rm-70 and the rm-72 besides 100 mhz and 4 watts? It seems that they are so close it isn't worth the extra $$ :(
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