Stop Holding the Debt Ceiling Hostage!

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  1. ^ I smell October 1929.
  2. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Of course he wants the debt ceiling raised. It's in his interest for the Government to borrow more and more.

    The Fed loves printing those trillions and injecting it into the stock market to artificially pump it up too.

    And we are talking CNN here. If the WSJ published that, I give it more credence.
  3. Bernanke is a self-serving parasite who produces nothing of value. The US already has no hope of repaying the trillions of dollars the mass of similar parasites in Congress keeps spending. Sorry for the buzzword, but it is simply not sustainable. The default HAS to happen, it's only a matter of how much more devastating it will be, the longer it is put off.
  4. dogman_1234 said:

    Why can't I raise my own debt ceiling? Oh wait, I can but that just means I'll be paying more if I accrue more debt. Our debt ceiling needs to stay where it is. Borrowing isn't a solution. If I have to live within my means then the government should too.
  5. Agreed.
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