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I am the owner of a small computer repair and custom system builder business. We are looking for what options are out there for a software solution that will allow us to enter information about all the computers that come into and out of our office including hardware information, software, and licensing. Ideally, we'd also like to track information about work/repair/updates that is done on any computer along with other notes or information that can be tracked for easy access.

I've thought about just building a gigantic MS Access database to try and do all of this for us, but I am hoping instead there is a better software solution available out there, especially something that might offer a trial period for us to see if it will work right for our purposes. Does anyone know of some application like this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. why would you need the licensing of your costumer
  2. When we install licensed software on customer computers its almost a guaranteed fact that they will lose their software and/or licensing no matter how many times you state that they need to keep track of it. In the event that 1) they have lost their original license information or 2) they have brought the system in for us to upgrade (such as Office 2007 to Office 2010) we have track of the original licensing information if possible for customers' systems.

    If this is something that we can't or just shouldn't be tracking then that's fine, I can understand the implications behind that as well.
  3. if you want to keep license for them it a good idea but you better put it on paper and have permission from them maybe the could sing a copy and you keep one,so if someone use there software you will protect for further issue
  4. I do something similar for all our machines in house, but I just use a big spreadsheet. However keeping track of customers is different and for that I would use a database. As for the right software, can't help you, Access should suit you fine though.
  5. Hi :)

    Be VERY careful about what you do in keeping Customers The UK we have the DATA PROTECTION ACT... There are various things you can and cannot keep etc..and it ALL must be protected....its a real pain in the A** to be honest...

    Your country will have something similar....

    Sometimes with these Government regulations, I wonder why I bother staying in business... :(

    All the best Brett :)
  6. Brett,

    Thank you for that input! Yes, I have to be careful what information is saved, and generally the only information that we keep regarding our customers is their contact information and information related to ongoing or previous work that we have done for them. The only reason we were interested in recording the licenses of software was simply as a backup in the event that the original owner lost theirs, which happens about 9 times out of 10 within the first six months after handing over their new computer to them. I guess we just need to simply make it a policy (and include it in the agreement) that they are responsible for keeping track of their software disks and licensing as we will not record that information.

    Still, having a program or database that could help us with recording the rest of the information would be great!
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