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Over the past few days the windows installation has pretty much degraded over the past few days, it seems like none of the drivers are working right and all that BS. So, I'm trying to reinstall. One small problem, my IDE cable for my dvd drive broke not to long ago. So I thought I would just stick my disk in my laptop and copy the image over to my desktop, which in other cases has work (this laptop didn't always have a good DVD drive either) So I tried mounting it with Daemon, and extracting it with winrar, but whenever I try to do setup it shows an error message saying "Windows could not retrieve information about the disks on this computer."

Any ideas?

Additional info: if I go to the drive under device manager, under the volumes tab , it is blank, and when I click populate I get an error message. I've been trying to reinstall for the last 9 hours now.... :pfff:
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  1. you count not install OS from extracted files, you must have cd or get this tool & install it from usb drive
  2. manojgj said:
    you count not install OS from extracted files, you must have cd or get this tool & install it from usb drive

    I have done it from extracted files before, and I have also done it on a mounted ISO.

    But I think this might be a storage problem because I tried to install xp from usb (biggest flash drive I have is 1gb) and no disks showed up.

    Which brings me to my next point: if I cut down my ISO with vlite can I get back everything I remove through windows update?

    Thanks for response also :D
  3. your trying to install on physical machine or virtual machines, you can install with mounted image on virtual machine, but never heard of installing OS from extracted ISO image
  4. Okay Imagine this scenario: You are using windows, you stick in the windows installation cd, It opens a setup program, you click install windows, everything works perfectly, Happily ever after. Extracting the files from the image and running setup.exe would be like the same thing.
  5. i have installed xp by using setup.exe in existing OS , but after restarting , does it take files from harddrive partition instead of CD ,,

    how it will work if you dont have any windows or having linux versions
  6. I don't think it works to install xp inside an os like that, but I'm sure it works with windows 7. And right now I have a very unhealthy install of windows 7 already. It has been getting alot of random BSODs and drivers not working.
  7. At this point I think I am the victim of a nasty virus.
    List of problems:
    Installer service not working
    Windows update service not working
    Sound not working
    Internet SLOW
    Virtual service disk (which I believe is cause for origninal problem) is not working

    Downloading Kapersky along with malwarebytes anti malware....cross your fingers.
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