How to format C drive

I fianally gave up on my system and wanted to wipr the HD and start over. I went to format it and a pop-up came up telling me to close all windows and programs using that and I thought I did. I clicked on continue and got the "Windows can't let you do this....."

How do I force the HD to be formatted? I remember there wqs a way but I can't remember it now!

Thanks for you help!

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  1. Obviously you can't just format your drive from within Windows, since it's actually on the drive itself!

    You need to reboot your system through a secondary drive, with it's own OS, such as a floppy bootdisk. Windows won't load, and you can easily format your drive that way.

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  2. 1) Insert boot disk
    2) Select from the Menu - Boot Without CD - ROM
    3) Type "format c:"
    4) Say "Y" when it asks you if you are sure
    5) give the Drive a label if you want (you dont have to)
    6) Restart

    All done

    A 30gig HHD takes around 10mins to format

    EDIT: This wipes all your files, so remeber to back up. You'll need to reinstall your pirate version of windows XP 2.

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  3. Are you using XP? You can boot with the CD and format from from the install setup. This is what I do cuz I've heard fdisk has problems with non-fat file structures.

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  4. Yes, I am using XP Home.
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  8. If you want to format and re-instal windows, put the XP CD in the drive and when prompted to boot off the CD or hard drive, choose the CD.

    If you don't get that prompt, you'll need to go into BIOS and set the first boot device as the CD and the second as the hard drive.

    Once you get into Windows Settup it will show you your old partition and give you the option to delete it. Delete it, and after several prompts you'll get the same screen where it says "unpartitioned space". Install windows to the unpartitioned space, it will ask you how you want that space formatted. A quick format should do the job, but if you're fussy you can do a full format. Choose NTFS if you'll never be accessing that drive from a DOS or 95/98/ME/etc boot disk, or choose FAT if you'll be needing the ability to access it from one of those.

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  9. put win98 floppy into the drive, boot PC, when winME will ask you if you want to load windows XP CD-ROM drivers, say "yes" and let win2k take care of the CD-ROM installation, then after you format the drive with linux utility called fdisk, just follow the easy steps and format the drive with NTFS again. after when DOS will ask you for network password and user names, put in your credit card number (use the old one, so nobody on the Internet can still it from the winXP's registry) and use it as your password next time you log in with win98 floppy again.

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  10. You forgot to mention that you need 5 1/4 floppies too.

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