Is this a good Buy?

This would be my first Laptop...using it for Web sufing, video encoding and some gaming... the video card really isn't that strong, (8400m GS)I'm wondering if I could change it myself.
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  1. hmm tricky. A lot of laptop manufacturers actually solder their parts to the motherboard making it impossible to change them. Couldn't really tell you with Acer. You considered looking into other makes such as zoostorm, mesh, MSI, asus etc. These could give you better gpu's for a similar price. Also, your RAM is good but i think you would struggle with the T5750
  2. EDIT: Sorry my mistake, you would probably be fine with that cpu..its too early lol
  3. I think the cpu would work"s that gpu I'm concerned about.

    When upgrade the GPU, it seems the price goes up with it, considerably!!!
  4. yea that was my mistake, you will be ok with that cpu.

    It is generally the case that the gpu will cause the price to rise considerably.

    do you have a budget? Might be able to help you more if i know a budget.
  5. My bugget is around 1000.00$$... I really like the XPS systems with 17" screens, with the dual SLi gpu's..but this doubles my price at least...

    Maybe with the economic downturn, prices with start to drop before Christmas
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