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This is a very simple question. If I buy and integrated HiDef Directivo from the US and set up a 'legitimate' paid account either by getting a US post office box or with the aid of a friend who lives in the US, can I use the TIVO feature in Canada? Will I need to plug it into a phone line, either initially during the first time I power it up, or periodically after that? If a phone line is required, is it required for Directv or TIVO or both? I know TIVO operates in Canada now, but I know DTV does not.

So again, can I use a Directivo in Canada? I'ev been scouring the web for hours and I can't find anyone who says they have this setup.


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  1. correct me if I'm wrong but I have heard Directivo needs an initial call in to activate service. After that it doesn't need to make anymore calls. ZYou will get an onscreen nag to remind you your unit needs to be connected to call in but it doesn't mean anything. All Tivo info is downloaded form the satellite not the phone line for Directv.
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