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Looking for recommendations for a printer that will be used to ONLY print photo's for framing, scrapbook, etc. I want this printer to be as close to developing quality as possible as I'm going to stop using Wally-World for developing. I like the Stylus Photo R300 so far, but want some input of people who actually have it and use it. I'm interested in the best quality I can get, speed is not an issue. Don't want any type of banding. Consumables aren't that much of an issue, around $12-$20 per color cartridge is fine. TIA.

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  1. Epson R300 would be a good choice. If you have the $$$, the R800 would be even better and give you archival prints as well. Another decent choice would be the Canon i960 if you can find one (try eBay), or the new Canon lineup of Pixma printers seem to give pretty good results. The Pixma iP6000D, iP5000, iP4000R and iP8500 will all give you lab quality prints. Canons tend to saturate the colors a little more and the Epsons are a bit more true to life. HP is lagging behind both Canon and Epson right now (except for B&W prints).
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