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Just Bought a Gx660r MSI, honestly been having nothing but hardware issues with it. Need a reliable computer for school,work, gaming, business. Right now all im getting is bsod's randomly, sent it in already... didn't do ***, took a month just for that, and now have to resend it back it. honestly lost all confidence in this laptop, I cant risk having it crash on me in the middle of trading stocks, or anything i do... i dont wanna hate on MSI, it is a tight computer.

Looked through the forums, looks like alot of the questions on great or best laptops are either out of date, or imo to low in price for performance. Not to mention certain things im looking for, never had luck with dell, usually stuck with Sony and customizing my desktops.

Kinda rushing this thread, typical of laptop to crash when im doing something important. losing money as is not having a reliable computer. personally like to stick to Nvidia cards, and able to have wide excess to bio's for OC'ing. looks laptops are becoming more and more easier to change and custom your hardware. really appreciate any and all opinions, price range is up in the 3k's id even go higher. just at that point i find most to just be over priced and to new to be known for its reliability.

Thank you guys(sorry for any typo's, in class right now)
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  1. You won't get a "reliable" laptop that offers overclocking. The most reliable ones are business class models with limited tweaking ability like the Lenovo ThinkPads.

    Does the laptop crash when it has a new OS installed on it after just the drivers are on there? Most crashes happen from software not hardware issues, especially if it's stable with just the fresh factory image.
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