I formatted my pc two times,because it was not working by virus.I lost my important some files from a partition. can I get the lost files.Can any one help me?
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  1. You should have tried backup up the files before you formatted the drive. You can try a partition recovery program, but if the virus was on that partition, you'll be reviving it too.

    Seeing that you formatted twice, odd are even a partition recovery program may not be able to find anything.
  2. Did you re-install onto the formatted partition, if so, hopes are slim of getting too much intact!

    If you have installed OS to a different HDD or Partition, then there is a good chance files will still be intact. ( quick format that is, not full format)
  3. If you want to revive it you'll probably have to get windows or whatever system your pc was running off of and the virus still might be able to get in to your new copy of whatever you bought. You can either get it looked at or sell it off for parts.
  4. If you formatted twice, then installed an OS, I'd place the odds of recovering anything usefull at less than 5%. I can pretty much guarantee you that no consumer grade recovery tool will do the job, and in all likelyhood will render what might have been recoverable by professional methods forever lost. Even a forensic recovery service can't guarantee recovery and will cost $$$$ if you wish them to make the effort.
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