HP HDX18t series, TV tuner question, and what is the chipset?

I'm really looking into getting one of the HP HDX18t laptops and I have everything picked out that I want. Here is the the current setup I'm looking at:


I'm curious to know what the chipset is for these laptops, I cant find that information specified anywhere.

Also, I would like to find out any other information on the TV tuner. I know sometimes TV tuners can really suck so I'm trying to read an in depth review on it but I cant find any.
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  1. What are you buying this machine for? There are loads of better performers in this price category, namely from Sager.
  2. Show me one machine in the price category of $1700 that has a display of 18'', True 1080p resolution, blue ray player, High quality speakers, TV tuner, and weighs under 9pounds. I don't see anything from Sager that fits that description at that price.

    I realize the HDX's CPU and GPU aren't the most powerful available, but the laptops with the above features that have better CPU/GPU's cost a lot more. Gaming isn't my main concern, a Media PC is. And so far the HDX series is the best value for the dollar I have found.
  3. Actually, there is a Sager unit that beats it -

    Customizing that to match/surpass the HP will run you a hair under $1700

    It doesn't have an 18" screen, but it has a 17" at a higher resolution. Also, I don't exactly know how much it weighs. Also includes 2 speakers and woofer integrated.

    High quality speakers are laughable, at best, on any mobile unit. They will never, ever outperform a good pair of 2.0 speakers. If you want a high quality experience you should not use laptop speakers, no matter how good they are.

    EDIT: You may also be able to get a lower price from Xotic PC.
  4. This is pretty cool, I didnt see this model on their website. I'm really looking into them now. Thanks for the info.

    What do you think of that TV tuner? are their any better after market TV tuners? I know TV tuners can really suck at times, I want to make sure I get a good one.

    I do have a few small complaints though, It doesn't have an eSata port which is kind of a big deal to me because I planed on adding external storage. And it doesn't have a HDMI out, but I think the DVI out supports 1080p so basically all it means is I have to run an audio cable too, right?

    But the CPU and GPU are much better, AND it costs a little less than the HP, so thats pretty sweet. I would probably overlook those small complaints.
  5. I've never used any sort of TV tuner, but I've never heard anything good about them. Looking at all the newegg reviews, there doesn't seem to be one of them that's actually a solid performer.

    The eSATA port is incorporated into the new model, the NP5796, but that's a fair bit more expensive. The USB on this machine is quite fast, though, and it carries firewire. As for HDMI, that's also on the HP5796, but you can pick up a DVI-HDMI converter for a couple bucks, and yes, you'll need an audio cable.
  6. Tv Tuner? I used to, but. . no, unles you live in a dorm room or studio apartment where space is a premium. . . they really aren't worth it. . . otherwise a USB or ExpressCard version is a better bet.
  7. I know exactly what your talking about, I can't find any decent TV tuner on newegg that has exceptional review. Its frustrating because it would be so convenient to use my laptop as a DVR. I really want that feature... I just gotta keep looking around I guess.

    Reguarding the DVI out, if a HD TV has a DVI input on it do you need the HDMI adapter to get the 1080p?
  8. wirelessfender said:
    I know exactly what your talking about, I can't find any decent TV tuner on newegg that has exceptional review. Its frustrating because it would be so convenient to use my laptop as a DVR. I really want that feature... I just gotta keep looking around I guess.

    Reguarding the DVI out, if a HD TV has a DVI input on it do you need the HDMI adapter to get the 1080p?

    No, a single link DVI connection supports a resolution of up to 1920x1200, which includes your full HD. As stated earlier, you just need the audio cable.
  9. Ok cool, So It looks like I would have to pay a few extra hundred dollars to get the HDMI and eSata on the newer model but its not worth it to me I think. I'm stretching my funds thin as it is. The Sager NP5793 has a $600 price break right now and that is huge, making the only way I could ever afford it. I hope it doesn't go away any time soon. I'm desperately trying to sell my Desktop PC (It's on ebay and craigslist right now) but I'm really unsure as to whether the price will go up or down for the holiday season. Or if a new more expensive model replaces it.
  10. With a max resolution of 1920 x 1080, DVI can support 1080p. The only difference betweeen DVI and HDMI is HDMI carries the audio signal as well. DVI is video only.

    I've always liked the ATI software, but Hauppauge has, seemingly, better components. . .
  11. dwellman said:
    I've always liked the ATI software, but Hauppauge has, seemingly, better components. . .

    Huh? :heink:
  12. Tv tuners
  13. Well back to the original topic. i would go with the hdx18t i just ordered mine. The HDMI out is a HUGE plus for me and the difference between that and dvi is Big. Most new HD tvs dont even come with DVI any more! the 18.4 1080p screen is amazing i have played with my friends and the notebook is all around BEAUTIFUL, powerful and the Bang for your Buck, as they say. my bro bought a rather nice tv tunner, just make sure the one you buy has ports for stranded components (red, yellow and white) You can down load tv guides and do alot of cool things with them. I want one that supports hdmi!

    Hdx has all the shiny fun stuff too. comes with a remote inside express slot. touch censor buttons above key bord, finger print scan, 2.0 meg web cam. beautiful graphics on the physical notebook and the 18.4 screen :D

    HMMMMMMM combinds sex, power and beauty all into ONE!!!! Se.we.auty lol :lol:
  14. I just got my HDX18t today. I looked at the laptop previously recomended and sorry, but no comparison. Mine has dual 320GB HDD @7200rpm w/16MB cache configured RAID 0, 4GB DDR3 (1066MHz) but expandable to 8GB, 1GB Nvidia 9600M GT GDDR3 graphics, Q9100 quad processor Blu-Ray burner...all for $2365???? oh and let's not forget about HP's service and support. All of my HP products have outstanding performance and I'm sure I'll be hanging on to this one for quite a while. :pt1cable:

    http://www.sagernotebook.com/product_customed.php?pid=129131&action=customize The same configration is $1100 more than what I have. :non: But it is nice!
  15. THis configuration is nice!! I just ordered an HDX 18t and I have EXACTLY the same specs. The build date is the 24th so I havent used it yet. The only thing I won't get are the dual 320gb hard drives... I got one drive with 500 gb @7200rpm... Which, in my opinion, is just as good seeing as hard drive space on computers is becoming less and less relevant since there are cheaper alternatives for storage space available online. Plus I personally don't see the need for dual hard drives. But... when you add the hdtv dvr tv tuner, wireless mouse (less fingerprints), backlit keyboard (a must!), fingerprint reader+webcam (nice), portable 2.0 notebook speakers, free printer, wireless router, advanced bluetooth wireless internet card (bluetooth! :-o), 4 years lojack, 1 year manufacturer and accidental warranty and free uprade to windows 7 from windows vista 64 bit......... All for $2115 with tax included, I think I got a better deal.. Why am I gloating?! Because anyone that is looking for the ultimate multimedia desktop replacement (its huge) that you can take with you if need be should go hpshopping.com and configure a model HDX 18t like this soon because a sales rep from hp told me the free upgrades, freebies and back to school sale will be ending soon. I also searched for HDX 18t coupons online before I made the final purchase which saved me an additional $250! Altogether it said I saved 24.6 percent... I cant wait for my Canon Vixia HF20 and the HDX 18t meet.... They will undoubtedly make the most BEAUTIFUL babies!! ;-) The only backdraw I can see as to why others might not like this notebook is the size. I personally am excited about the large ultra brightview hd 18 inch display that has true (wide) hd dimensions... Like a mini HDTV that you can do anything on.... Really amazing specs for a $2000 range notebook!! But not for long, so if you got money saved for a laptop, I recommend doing it NOW!
  16. I own the HP HDX 18t and paid less that $1500 for the full set up. Look for HP's coupons as they run them often, just Google it. But beware, sometimes HP does not run them, just keep searching for them, they'll show up sooner or later.

    Also look at http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=300221 . It is a very informative place with thousands of post just on this notebook alone.

    Tran Cea
  17. Hello!
    I own a HP HDX 18t laptop that I bought on ebay from 'lemon-ice', this spring-2009. My husband talked me into this huge laptop because we have a large flat screen desktop and he said wouldn't like using a smaller screen than a 18". This is my 1st laptop, although we have had home computers since 1978-(which had a tape deck for a drive-haha.) I wish I would have bought a smaller laptop as this one is like carrying a ball and chain around. The HD tuner is nice though and I love watching Netflix movies on it-(great feature), although the speakers still aren't very loud-the sound is pretty good. It also doesn't have alot of excess software on it.The blu-ray is Ok, but I guess once you watch it on a big screen TV you are kind of spoiled for even a 18" laptop. I don't use it for much else except playing a few simple games by myself. I paid about $1650 for it then- best price I could find. These 18" laptops are fine if they are replacing a TV and desktop plus don't move it around much, or use a rolling suitcase to transport it as they are HEAVY!!! I guess I will soon be getting one of those mini's for portability!
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