Wolfpack 4.2.16 Server Release

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We are happy to announce that Empire 4.2.16 is now available. You may
find it and lots of other information on Empire at the following


You can download the server at


or from SourceForge at


This is a `brown paper bag' release. A bug `fix' in 4.2.15 broke
sector production when part of the work is used for sector

Deities are urged to use this release for new games. Upgrading
mid-game is normally not supported, but upgrading from 4.2.15 to
4.2.16 is.

There is no separate client release 4.2.16, as the client did not
change since 4.2.14.

Any bugs or problems, send e-mail to: wolfpack@wolfpackempire.com.

Change log:

Changes to Empire 4.2.16 - Wed Jun 16 18:56:16 UTC 2004
* Previous version broke sector production when part of the work is
used for sector construction. Fix courtesy Jeff Cotter.
* Add rudimentary tests to nightly build. From Marc Olzheim.

MD5 checksums:

d58841ef5c2391e956e88fba260de8a9 empire-4.2.16.tar.gz
4d318d0011587d8017c7ede71799d1e8 empire-info-html-4.2.16.tar.gz
2bc669c01f962803cc8f2bce3c4bb5a6 empire-info-text-4.2.16.tar.gz

Wolfpack! Bringing you the latest and greatest in Empire development and
support, and, in our minds, the best multi-player game around.

Check out Empire at http://www.wolfpackempire.com wolfpack@wolfpackempire.com
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.empire (More info?)

    I have posted Windows server binaries for 4.2.16 to the Emp Contribs
    at sourceforge.net/projects/empserver.

    These binaries are not directly supported by Wolfpack, so please
    contact me if you need help with them at rkoenderink@yahoo.ca.

    Ron K.
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