Pci sata 6 raid card that has at least 4 slots for 4 x 2tb hard drives for a rai

I need a PCI SATA 6 RAID card that has at least 4 slots for 4 X 2TB Hard drives for a RAID 5
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  1. Try 3Ware or Adaptec
  2. 3Ware makes good hardware RAID controllers. However, PCI cards will be severely constrained when it comes to bandwidth.
  3. Your entire PCI bus (all devices in all slots) only has 133MB/s bandwidth. So you will never get more that one Sata 1 (!50MB/s) port of bandwidth.

    But as above 3Ware or Adaptec have a good range of products to use, but I'm not sure you will find a PCI card though.
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