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Problem with new OS installation

Last response: in Laptop General Discussion
November 9, 2008 11:38:42 AM

I have DELL XPS M1530 Lap Top

I have Windows Vista: Home Premium on C:
I have made new Partition to put Windows XP Pro OS, and to make it dual boot
I've put an installation CD of XP and there was an error message - no hard disk found...
After that i have searched and found that i need to put the drivers for the SATA Hard Disk in the installation CD.
I have used nLite, i have put XP installation, SP3, all the drivers for the laptop from the drivers cd's.....
Now when i put the slip streamed cd to install XP when the installation loads i get error: iastor.sys is corrupt

Do you have any suggestion what to do next, or how to install XP on laptop using SATA Hard Disk?

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November 9, 2008 1:27:28 PM

you can't make a partition through windows. It seems as though your screwed.
You need to format the drive and during the reinstall of one of the operating systems, create a second partition from the disc.
November 9, 2008 1:29:39 PM

Start here and see if the steps listed there can help you. Dual booting windows XP with Vista already installed is not an easy task.
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November 9, 2008 2:28:12 PM

To "customisbetter" - i have made a shrink and created 20GB free partition space for the XP OS that i want to install, VIsta still works good... i don't see why i should reinstall all over... the problem is around the SATA Drive drivers...

To "dwellman" - If i only can get to that page when i can choose on which partition to install the OS, i wouldn't be here asking for help...

Someone... does none of you have installed second OS on your Laptop's?
a b D Laptop
November 9, 2008 2:35:53 PM

I have a linux partition on my desktop, but that's the only PC I have with two OSs. The only thing I use linux for is programming. Windows does all I need.

Why do you need XP? I think you're heading into more trouble down the road just for that Vista-sucks-XP-is-better thing, which isn't true in the slightest bit.
November 9, 2008 2:58:11 PM

I have a tri-boot system on my desktop.
you need to do the partitioning form the disc. Anything else leads to .sys files missing. I also have a dual boot at work, same thing happened as you.
November 9, 2008 3:22:58 PM

To "frozenlead" - No, i think Vista is better than XP - i need XP and in near future i will need Linux Ubuntu - i don't install it now, because i wait for the CD that i ordered for the newest 8.10 version. In future i will have to install on my desktop Windows Server 2008 , which i'm using now with Vista Ultimate, Also i have older PC with XP Pro in other room all connected together in network. - I will need it because i'm in a IT Academy (Network Technician) i have just started month ago, i just finished A+... SO i will need it for...:
Network+, MCTS, MCITP - Server Administrator, MCITP - Professional Database Administrator, MCITP - Enterprise Administrator, MCITP - Enterprise Messaging Administrator, CCNA, Security+, Linux+................

OK, to "customisbetter" i have the things going for now, i will inform you what will happen shortly.
November 9, 2008 4:31:06 PM

Problem SOLVED

First In BIOS you must change the Flash Cache Module OFF and change the SATA Operation form AHCI to ATA so it can recognize the hard drive! - then format un-partitioned partition and install xp on it.... and follow the steps from the link that "dwellman" posted! - Thank you dwellman!
November 9, 2008 4:34:27 PM

Good luck with class then!
I cringe when i think about networking class.
November 9, 2008 4:56:15 PM

Thanks :)  - Now the Problem is i don't have any drivers for XP LOL... if you can find drivers for XP for DELL XPS M1530 Laptop please post them here... in meantime i will search for them...