Problem with new OS installation

I have DELL XPS M1530 Lap Top

I have Windows Vista: Home Premium on C:
I have made new Partition to put Windows XP Pro OS, and to make it dual boot
I've put an installation CD of XP and there was an error message - no hard disk found...
After that i have searched and found that i need to put the drivers for the SATA Hard Disk in the installation CD.
I have used nLite, i have put XP installation, SP3, all the drivers for the laptop from the drivers cd's.....
Now when i put the slip streamed cd to install XP when the installation loads i get error: iastor.sys is corrupt

Do you have any suggestion what to do next, or how to install XP on laptop using SATA Hard Disk?
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  1. you can't make a partition through windows. It seems as though your screwed.
    You need to format the drive and during the reinstall of one of the operating systems, create a second partition from the disc.
  2. Start here and see if the steps listed there can help you. Dual booting windows XP with Vista already installed is not an easy task.
  3. To "customisbetter" - i have made a shrink and created 20GB free partition space for the XP OS that i want to install, VIsta still works good... i don't see why i should reinstall all over... the problem is around the SATA Drive drivers...

    To "dwellman" - If i only can get to that page when i can choose on which partition to install the OS, i wouldn't be here asking for help...

    Someone... does none of you have installed second OS on your Laptop's?
  4. I have a linux partition on my desktop, but that's the only PC I have with two OSs. The only thing I use linux for is programming. Windows does all I need.

    Why do you need XP? I think you're heading into more trouble down the road just for that Vista-sucks-XP-is-better thing, which isn't true in the slightest bit.
  5. I have a tri-boot system on my desktop.
    you need to do the partitioning form the disc. Anything else leads to .sys files missing. I also have a dual boot at work, same thing happened as you.
  6. To "frozenlead" - No, i think Vista is better than XP - i need XP and in near future i will need Linux Ubuntu - i don't install it now, because i wait for the CD that i ordered for the newest 8.10 version. In future i will have to install on my desktop Windows Server 2008 , which i'm using now with Vista Ultimate, Also i have older PC with XP Pro in other room all connected together in network. - I will need it because i'm in a IT Academy (Network Technician) i have just started month ago, i just finished A+... SO i will need it for...:
    Network+, MCTS, MCITP - Server Administrator, MCITP - Professional Database Administrator, MCITP - Enterprise Administrator, MCITP - Enterprise Messaging Administrator, CCNA, Security+, Linux+................

    OK, to "customisbetter" i have the things going for now, i will inform you what will happen shortly.
  7. Problem SOLVED

    First In BIOS you must change the Flash Cache Module OFF and change the SATA Operation form AHCI to ATA so it can recognize the hard drive! - then format un-partitioned partition and install xp on it.... and follow the steps from the link that "dwellman" posted! - Thank you dwellman!
  8. Good luck with class then!
    I cringe when i think about networking class.
  9. Thanks :) - Now the Problem is i don't have any drivers for XP LOL... if you can find drivers for XP for DELL XPS M1530 Laptop please post them here... in meantime i will search for them...
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