Sony PS3 and Its Blu Ray Tumor

Looking for some opinons. I assume most of you have read TG Daily's article, so how about some input from the non "experts".

Me, I do not care if the PS3 comes with Blu Ray, HD-DVD, or either. I don't see the advantage or the need. Sure in the future there could be games that need 25GB worth of disc space, but not right now. I am excited about the new games that will be offered, which will probably fit nicely on a standard dvd. Which is weird coming from me, I own a PS2 and five games.

I know, I know, they are trying to make it a MEDIA EXPERIENCE- all in one, no more separate components...blah, blah, blah.

Also, the price for the HD-DVD players, Best Buy today, were around $500 and up (if memory serves), and assuming the BluRay players are the same price, why would we pay for both at the same price point with more to offer from the PS3?
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  1. In the article, it talked about "claimer", but I think that there is another category, the "combiners". I will buy a PS3 mainly for gaming, but can justify the cost BECAUSE I will get the Blu-ray, and I will need a HD output for movies eventually. This is why I have 3 PS2s, they are a DVD player that has gaming capability. the first one was bought for games, the second two were bought as DVD players, but the whole family uses them for both...If blu-ray takes off, and the PS3 is not much more than a stand alone HD DVD or blu ray, then the whole thing will repeat. so in this regard, I agree with you!
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