Sager np9262 vs OCZ whitebook

Hey guys,
My decision for a new laptop is now between an ocz whitebook or the sager 9262.
Both my configs come out around 3,300 dollars.
The OCZ comes with an intel centrino 2 t9600 at 2.8ghz | the sager has a a quad core at 2.8ghz
The ocz has 2 ati 3870's | the sager has a single (i cant afford 2) 9800m GTX (the 2 ati cards score 3000 points higher in 3dmark06
Other factors
The ocz has a backlit keyboard (looks sweet)
The sager is more durable in terms of casing
the ocz cannot do raid 5 while the sager can. I like the reliability raid 5 offers.
the ocz has a 15 day 0 dead pixel guarantee and free next day shipping.

Im more concerned with performance, does the weaker cpu of the ocz cancel out with the better performance of the ati cards?
what do you guys think?
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  1. It depends on what you're using it for. The Sager will be better for work type things (audio editing, video editing, etc.) with a quad-core and a GPU that can run CUDA. The OCZ will be better at gaming, with dual GPUs. (Though the 3000 series ATI cards take heavy hits from AA).

    I think that, with the higher resolutions, the dual core will do okay with keeping the GPUs fed information.

    If I were you, though, I would get the Sager, simply because I know the notebook's reputation, and the fact that nvidia GPUs outperform ATI gpus (even though there's two, the act of using two GPUs is still in its infancy)
  2. Update: I can get the whitebook with a quad core, but only at 2.5ghz instead of 2.8, it is a little bit more expensive. the sager uses desktop processors, thats where the difference is. I am a little concerned about build quality, have you heard anything about the whitebook? I cant seem to find many reviews on teh internets
  3. Dwellman usually knows a bit about OCZ notebooks.

    All quad cores you see in notebooks are desktop processors. To my knowledge, there are no mobile quad cores.
  4. i got sli 9800m gt's in mine for 3268$$$
  5. and i believe the Montevina's are out .. the first quad cores made for laptops.
  6. mrquin27 said:
    and i believe the Montevina's are out .. the first quad cores made for laptops.

    He mentioned that he can get a Quad in the OCZ, most like the QX9300 (The reason it is so expensive is it's an extreme processor w/ an unlocked multiplier).

    I've talked to several people with the OCZ, and they like it a lot. I'm an owner of a Sager laptop and love the build quality, but I have also seen a ton of benchmarks for the OCZ and it really is a tough call.

    Honestly, I'm not much of a fan of the NP9262 because I think it is very brick like. The OCZ to me looks like a nicer build.
  7. The sager np9262 has desktop CPUs which are better than laptop CPUs which are in the OCZ one but they are hotter and drain alot of battery,both have good GPUs though.
  8. Did someone say W700?

    Oh, sorry. . . my mistake.

    EDIT: [Constructive comment] Anyway, the thing with the "whitebook" / "barebone" machines is that you can take your time in putting them togther, but you will usually spend more in the log run if you need to purchase software, namely an O.S. and you are responsible for anything that goes wrong (e.g. you are your own tech support). Both the Clevo (Sager) and the OCZ (Alienware and some others) are easy to work on. . . lots of space.
  9. I know that some games dont work well with crossfire, which puts a single 3870 far below a single 9800m gtx. I have also heard ati doesnt have the best drivers for the cards. I believe the 4xxx mobile series is coming out soon but idk if i can wait that long.
    the sager looks like the better performer for the money, its a shame it doesnt look as slick at the whitebook
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