Toshiba Satellite L355D

I just bought this toshiba laptop, I have been having trouble with the internet speeds with this laptop particularly when playing World of Warcraft. It has very poor latency speeds, when my desktop has good speeds. The hardware specs are as follows

AMD turionx2
3gb ram
ATI x1250 shared memory 128-831
250gb HD 5400 rpm
Realtek ethernet controller
Vista home premium

Im wondering if there is anything i can do to boost the internet speed, World of Warcraft is pretty choppy even on lowest settings. Any ideas on how to do that or if its possible to boost the speeds?
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  1. On firstly the poor latency issue. That could be any number of things such as mangled driver installs,being too far from your AP etc. As for WoW try looking at how much ram you have shared for video as I know that even the most basic non intel integrated video will play WoW just fine. with 3GB of RAM I'd run a 256MB share and all should be fine.

    hope it helps

  2. Also I forgot to mention that I was connected, not running off the wifi. How do I change the settings on shared memory? How could I fix the mangled driver installs?
  3. I checked the bios to see if I could change the video card ram settings, but it seems to be a stripped down bios and there are no display settings to change in the bios. Is there a program i could use to overclock the video card?
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