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Am I on the only person that thinks tablets are overrated? People hate on netbooks but at least they have keyboards. I bought a $300 10" netbook that runs fine for basic applications for web browsing, email, etc. It even has a keyboard. Can someone explain to me why I would want to buy a $500 tablet that doesn't have a keyboard or a legitimate operating system. Any sort of extended typing using a tablet without some sort of a dock is a joke. I guess using apps in hd isn't just isn't enough to make me want a tablet. I have uses for a smart phone and a compact computer, not something that is a mediocre version of both. This is only my personal opinion and I myself do not have a tablet. Feel free to leave your opinions.
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  1. To start with tablets are lighter so using them in bed or on a sofa is alot easier. The touch input is much easier and faster to use than a track-pad (IMO). Of course you can use a mouse with a netbook, but its awkward to use one in bed or on the sofa etc. Tablets offer 8 to 10 hours battery life where as netbooks offer about 3 to 6.

    That's some of the reasons I'm looking into buying one myself anyway.
  2. Echo on Dark Comet comment, if ones does not own any laptop or tablet yet, I would recommend him to get a tablet with keyboard and battery pack extension, a really good example would be Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101, it can perform mostly all the functions that today a netbook can perform. You check the specs here Top Tablet PC Comparison
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