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I just came across a statistics webpage, which includes several factors such as display resolutions. It also cares to explain that anyone who tends to use an 800 by 600 resolution has a old PC. Likewise, anyone that uses a higher resolution is more likely to have a faster PC.

I use a 21in. Samsung Widescreen (215TW) with an 800 by 600 resolution because it feels comfortable. Is there some sort of magic way to make the text and graphics appear the same size for 1024 by 768 and above as they do in 800 by 600 (Windows XP's "broken" DPI settings don't help.)? That webpage gave me the impression that people don't use high resolutions due to their PCs, not the quality of their eyes.
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  1. In the same area you are changing the screen resolutions, if you look, you should see icon and font sizes. Or goto the control panel and look. Should be something there also.
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