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I somehow got duplicate Arial italic and Arial Bold Italic fonts in my Windows 7 Fonts folder. Attempts to remove the extra copies are refused with a "cannot remove protected system font" message. I'm afraid the duplicates are messing up font management on my system, since saving an .svg file in Adobe Illustrator causes that image to show Times, not Arial, in a browser.

How can I be sure my Windows 7 Fonts folder is correct?

Ken S.
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  1. try installing nexus font from You can find duplicate fonts and remove them safely. It is a good font management tool that displays samples of all fonts installed. After installing click tools>find duplicate fonts, select the ones you want to delete and presto-gone.
  2. I downloaded th Nexus Font application and it failed to report duplicate fonts. However, I still see duplicate Arial Bold and Arial Bold Italic fonts listed in Windows 7 Control Panel/Fonts. Clicking on the Arial multiple font icon displays the duplicates. I would like to include a screenshot. Can this be done in this forum?

    Ken Schumacher
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