Kaspersky vs comodo for 64-bit Windows 7 Security

kaspersky vs comodo for 64-bit Windows 7 Security?
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  1. My vote goes to Kaspersky. I am using fit or many year at home and work and it's doing a good job.
  2. SolMonk said:
    kaspersky vs comodo for 64-bit Windows 7 Security?

    My fiance has kaspersky on her toshiba and it does ok, but she just got this big ol virus due to a pop up ad that literally crippled her computer. After two days of cleaning *** up and using trend micro housecall scan and comodo internet security suite to get it gone, kaspersky finally popped up saying there was an issue.

    I don't care what everyone says about it, if you can't catch a pop up virus then you shouldn't get the kind of ratings kaspersky does. I am very displeased and my vote goes to comodo.

    Just the other week my brother was complaining of slowness and being unable to connect to the internet. Get rid of nortons and using housecall as the initial scan followed up by putting comodo internet security suite on his computer and guess what he had 12, not 1 but 12 viruses and trojans, not to mention the malware and adware!


    Don't waste your time or your money on kaspersky, thats my $0.02.
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