Error 0x80070570 when booting windows 7 installation from flash drive?

hello all, i am receiving error 0x80070570 at "expanding files" in the windows 7 installation at around 30% into it. Its an attempt to install windows 7 via boot-able usb flash drive.

now something i should mention is that this is a completely new built computer, i built it a couple of days ago.

i have performed the following troubleshooting

-took out ram sticks
-bought a new hdd
-changed the boot order in bios
-after the error occurs going to the beginning of the installation and re-plugging the flash drive and re-trying
- reseating ram sticks
-formatting my hdd
-updating bios

i am sure i have tried other things as well to no avail. im stuck. i thought that maybe the win-7 download was corrupt so i re-downloaded and formated my flash drive to try it over again, still no luck.

i guess i should go ahead and list the specs

8gig ram (2gig's per stick)
phenom II 6 core proccessor
MSI 890GXM-G65 motherboard
radeon hd 7950 gpu
Seagate 500gig hdd

im almost positive that its not a hardware issue, my computer powers up, boots normally etc.

if anyone could help it would be very much appreicated!
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  1. I assume this isn't a genuine & legal copy of Windows 7, otherwise you would be installing from a retail DVD, not from a pen drive, right?

    We don't provide help with illegal software or pirate/modified copies of Windows.
  2. What a douchebag ignorant answer.

    The OFFICIAL preferred method of installing Win7 according to Microsoft is to download the ISO from your Microsoft store logon and build a bootable installation Flash drive (which can then be customized and scripted).

    Are you still using DVDs to install software in 2012? You must not have a professional IT job, and so you should probably keep your mouth shut when you don't know what you are talking about.

    Next time either be helpful when answering questions or go learn something before you accuse people of being criminals.
  3. Yikes - it was just a question - no need to choke the guy to death digitally sheesh. We're not all IT professionals - or even people with computer know-how - this IS a site to get help with your computer - am I not right?? Chill pill man.
  4. i'm having the same error. I've tried everything the OP tried. my pc was working just fine earlier today, but having recently bought 4 gigs of ram 1gig sticks, I thoguht i'd go ahead and utilize them by installing win7 x64. Now after wiping my system partition i tried installing from 3 diff dvds burnt at diff speeds and also tried booting from an 8 gig flash drive all with the same end result.
    while expanding the windows files during setup i get the error 0x80070570 at around 60%-65%.

    I'm using a Dell dimension e520
    q6700 2.66ghz quad core proccesor
    4x1gb ddr2 pc5300 ram
    600w PSU (corsair)
    256mb ati vid card

    as i have no system drive i cant use the pc and its making me mad. any ideas as to what might be causing this?
    it worked earlier today just after trying to install win7 no beans....
  5. Three DVDs are unlikely to be wrong - it has to be the download. Dare I ask did it come from Microsoft or somewhere - erm - cheaper?
  6. well i got it working, i got another copy. now onto other issues....thanks for trying to help.
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