Cheap Laptop: Turion X2 or Core 2 Duo

Hey Guys:

I'm looking at low end laptops as a Christmas wishlist item but I'm more confused than ever about CPU choices and designations. :)

I'd be running Audio VSTs for music creation and a few games. The budget is limited and I've zeroed in on a couple of Turion X2 RM-70 based systems versus a couple of Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 systems. Which one would you pick? For audio processing? For games (don't worry I'm not expecting a bleeding edge game system just "time killer" sort of stuff)? They seem to be similar class machines but I'd love to hear thoughts/recommendations.
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  1. The AMD should be cheaper. . if price is your primary motivating factor, then AMD.
  2. But the intel ones perform better and have better battery life right ?
  3. right. i own an amd notebook (gives me a quarter battery life. but my sister with same system, only with intel has 3 hours


    if i were you, get an intel. amd isn't strong. batterylife will be better!
  4. If price is majorly hindering you, then get the AMD. For most things, you won't notice the difference. If you've got the money, get the Intel, but no push on it.
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