32" LCD panel or 50" DLP/LCD projection HDTV?

Hi all,

Me and my girl are looking to replace my old Panasonic 27" Tau CRT TV for a new HDTV.

There's 2 types of TVs we saw and would like some more insights from users or pros about them. First is the Sharp or LG 32" (or maybe 37") LCD panel and the other is a 50" DLP or LCD projection HDTV.

For the same price, we can get a bigger HD screen, but is it worth going to projection instead of LCD panel for a bigger screen? How are the projection HDTVs when looking at regular TV channels, DVD and video games (PS2 and GameCube...and later PS3 and Wii)?

Thank you much for your help!
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  1. I'm bumping this! We're about to buy a new TV very soon and can't find anything constructive enough to narrow down our selection.

    37" LCD or 50" DLP projection?
  2. I've been working on pretty much the same decision, either a 40" LCD or a 50" SXRD(Sony's DLP basically). I'm comparing 2 Sony models right now, the KDL40S2400 and KDS50A2000.

    I'm leaning towards LCD now becuase you don't have to worry about replacing lamps, much wider viewing angle, and from my personal opinion I think they have better picture quality.

    On the other hand, with SXRD you get a bigger screen, 1080p, HDTV tuner built-in, faster 2.5ms response time, and although I think LCD looks a little better, it's not much.

    Don't really know if it helps you or not, and after typing that I find myself almost leaning for SXRD now...that's why I'm waiting till Thanksgiving/Christmas time, hopefully I'll make my mind up by then, or I'll catch a really good deal I can't pass up on.
  3. I'd go w/ the DLP. Larger screen, awesome picture quality and much smaller than standard projection TVs. Go to Best Buy/Circuit City to check one out and compare it to LCD. I personally think that DLP offers the best picture quality currently available. They are flippin' awesome. I see the choice as being between something that looks cool just sitting there (LCD) and something that looks really cool when it's doing what you bought it for (DLP).
  4. No really big differance... I personally like the DLP you dont have the issue with pixels dying on you. Although every 3-5 years you gotta buy a new lamp (If yours burns out). Plasma and LCD are good, but not worth the extra cost in my opinion. Right now BestBuy has a 60IN DLP that you can get for $999.99 and its 1080p. Thats my next buy (Gonna be in another week or so).

    hope it helps you out.
  5. SXRD is not a DLP. It is a variant of LCD. Texas Instruments has the worldwide patent and they are the only makers of the panels which are micor mirrors. Sony would not buy them. Try looking at a real DLP and you may find the superior black levels and lack of motion artifacts is attractive. Plus Bigger is better in this case. Try a Mitsubishi.
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