Samsung 940N or BenQ FP91G+

I just bought a new setup and was supposed to get the benq fp91g+ 19" LCD monitor

I got a call saying everything was ready but the monitor wouldnt be available for another few days and would I like the samsung 940n 19" LCD monitor instead, that way I could get it today. me being the patient guy I am of course I took the samsung that day, but shortly after realised that it doesnt have DVI input.

the benq has:
250cd/m2 brightness
550:1 contrast ratio
8ms response time
D-Sub and DVI-D inputs

the samsung has:
300 cd/m2 brightness
700:1 Contrast Ratio
8ms response time
15pin D-sub

so to my question,

is it worth my taking the samsung back so i can get the benq monitor with DVI input?

or should i keep the samsung with the analog input and the better brightness and contrast ratio?
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  1. 50+ views and no one has an opinion?

    is DVI worth it?
  2. Quote:
    50+ views and no one has an opinion?

    is DVI worth it?

    Well, I've run DVI and VGA side-by-side on my 4-monitor rig. Both monitors were the same model and both had the same model video card (Quadro NVS 280)... I checked the screen with a magnifying glass and could see zero difference. Therefore, I think DVI is overrated... but then again, I'm not a gamer.
  3. Hi I also bought a BenQ FP91G+, but I don't like. For example, in hotmail you have messages you have opend and read, these are in white. New unread messages are in yellow-orange. But I couldn't see the yellow-orange unread messages. It's no good. I switched to my LG crt and is much better.
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