Toshiba X200 GPU fan problem

hello everyone!!!

I have a strange problem, i didnt even know that it can be a problem :)

Ok, i have a Toshiba X200 with 8600M GT in SLI mode. This laptop got 2 fans, one for CPU and another one for GPUs. CPU fan - perfect, GPU fan - not so good. Both fans are always on (its normal), but when CPU and/or GPU is under load (temp incress) fans supose to spin faster. I reaserched it - and yeah, they CAN spin faster when they reach high temps. But, my GPU fan never changes its speed. Its always in the "slow" mode. Result - idle @ 67C, and under load (gaming) 98C (!!!). And one time i saw 99C and even at that temp fan didnt change its speed. The air was so hot, that i could not hold my hand!!!!! Everyone else who has the same laptop says- idle@38C-40C, load@MAX 80C. And when it goes beyond 70-75 degrees fan starts to spin MUCH faster and you can hear noticeable noise. Mine is almost noiseless..... im really lost in this situation......another weird thing is - when it goes beyond 95C - game slows down a bit (like 10-12FPS).... i never ever oveclocked my GPUs..... also, it had a pre-installed Vista Ultimate 32bit, but i installed a XP Pro SP3 32bit. Can that be a problem? I though this problem somehow connected to BIOS, so i decided to update my BIOS from version 2.3 to 2.5. Strange thing is - during the update proccess BOTH fans were spinning MUCH faster!!! And thats what it supose to do when the temp is too high, but it doesnt...... :( :( :( ..... i dont know what to do.... i tryed like 20 different drivers, tryed nTune, SpeedFan, RivaTuner, ATItools e.t.c - nothing helped......

So, my question is - is there a way to change the fan speed manually somehow? Or is there a way to tell my laptop to spin it faster when the GPU is TOO hot?

Please, people, help me......i dont want it to cook itself.... :( :( :( :( :( :(
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  1. Have you tried BIOS updates? You may be able to use Rivatuner or something of the sort to mod the fan speed.
  2. yeah, i did try to update the bios - it didnt help.... about the rivatuner - what do you mean "mod the fan speed"? How do u do it?

  3. i mean i do have rivatuner, and i know how to use it. But to mod/change the fan speed - hmmm, never heard that rivatuner can do that. Can tell me in which menu it is located?

    Thanks in advance
  4. Maybe there's something wrong with the fan
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