Sound Issue All sound devices gone except...

...when I plug my Corsair USB headset in it works and i can hear and use the microphone with it but the device doesnt stay in the sound try when unplugged anymore. All other sound devices simply arent there.

I really really hate asking for help on computer issues But I've been at this for 2 days straight and no dice.

So here's the rundown:

I know that there will be suggestions to reinstall windows or do some sort of recovery but seeing as how my headset works and my speakers fine work when I boot from a disc into Ubuntu there's got to be a surgical real fix that will address this problem

2. System specs: Windows 7 32 bit OS, HP Pavillion DV3510nr Notebook PC Core 2 Duo @ 2ghz, 4gb of ram. It was initially a Vista System but I did a fresh install of Windows 7 over a year ago.

How this happened: Honestly was just trying to get Stereo Mix in my Recording to work so I could send my pc audio to a friend over skype so we could watch movies together. I upgraded my IDT HD audio codec driver to try and accomplish that and instead of helping it just deleted Stereo Mix in my Recording tab. So I rolled back the driver. It didnt come back. After that I system restored to before I upgraded the driver and all my sound devices dissapeared.

I have ruled out it being a hardware issue because the speakers work in Linux and my Corsair USB headset works in windows 7. I have tried installing and uninstalling drivers every way I know how. I have tried all the drivers supplied by HP.

There seems to be some kind of disconnect where it just isnt finding the built in speakers, microphone and the 2 headphone and 1 microphone jacks in the front those just seem to be gone.

Windows Fix it Audio troubleshooters are of no help and windows update is of no help. Unless the audio services switch off when I'm not checking it those are okay too.

Windows tells me No Audio devices are installed or not listed and when I run Fix it it says:

'"There is a problem with an unknown device. Attempts to repair this have failed. If the problem persists Please contanct your manufacturer for driver and compatability support."

It will go on to say that hardware changes might not have been detected at times too.

Sorry for the wall of text but I really need help and this is a somewhat different problem than what other people usually get when they see these signs. Please help if you can.
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  1. One more thing. My mute button next to the built in volume control slider on the laptop always stays orange (the color it is when mute is on) instead of being white.

    It doesn't effect anything when i touch the button but when i plug in my Corsair Headset and get sound to work it will mute and unmute the sound but the indicator light always stays orange and never turn white like it would be if everything was normal and unmuted.
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