Audio lag/stutters in Farcry and Halo

Whenever I play games that are resource hogs like Halo and Farcry, the music and speech stutter, making it unlistenable. I’ve tried turning all the settings to their lowest possible settings, but nothing really helps. Any suggestions or tweaks I could make?

P4 2.8 - 2.10 ghz
ATI 9800pro
Audigy 1 (most recent drivers)

System: ATI 9800Pro, P4 2.6GHz 533MHz, Soyo SY-P4S-645D Dragon Lite, 768mb Kingston Memory, SB Live.
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  1. Go to your control panel and click on "sound and audio devices". Try messing around with the settings under the performance tab, primarily the hardware acceleration.

    I see you have two different systems posted? One with an SB Live and one with an Audigy? I can understand having those problems with an SB Live, but I have an Audigy Gamer and it runs those games fine (my video card on the other hand...)

    Anyway, turn down hardware acceleration, that should do it, at the expense of sound quality, however.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by 2_red on 05/19/04 10:35 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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