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I have just acquired an Acer Travelmate 803LCI, a great little machine with new P4-M 1.6 Centrino. I am having trouble with the wireless network however. When the signal is very strong it logs on to the network without difficulty. However when the signal strength decreases, it fails to detect the signal. I also have an IPAQ with wireless card, and have no difficulty in accessing the network in marginal situations. It is almost as if there is an antenna problem prohibiting linkup in low signal situations.

Anyone else have a similar problem, or any ideas? Acer says send it in and they will service, but there has to be an easier solution?

Thanks! Dan
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  1. Do you know if they built the wireless into the "wrist rest" or is it in the side of the screen? Units with it in the wrist rest are having real problems maintaining connections on weak signals. I don't know if this is the problem with the Acer, but I have run into it on other models.
  2. Hi Robert and thanks for the reply. I have tried to find out the location of the antenna but without success so far. Seems stupid to have wireless built in, and centrino on the box, but be unable to use the dern thing. Is there any solution? Perhaps an external antenna? Do you know of such?
  3. Purchased Acer 800LCi yeserday (comes with 802.11 a/b capability, internal) I have a cable modem. My router: Linksys: Wireless-G Broadband, model WRT54G. All's good with the Acer so far, but yes, something's not right with the Acer's wireless...signal strength is just OK when a few meters away from router...worse when out in the yard (signal goes from "good" to "poor." )NOTE RE: notebooks/11.G: Bought & returned a Compaq notebook(ouch! Not my 1st choice) last week (Circuit City), cause it had built in 802.11G...that's why I have the .11G Router. WIRELESS SIGNAL STRENGH--FANTASTIC WITH THE COMPAQ'S BUILT IN .11G...Router's and Compaq's wireless .11G worked seemlessly together...all aspects. Excellent signal strength, etc. Returned Compaq...didn't like the machine, 'cept for the built in 802.11G. Kept the router. Bottom line--something's up with Acer's wireless antenna, I guess. And WHERE IS THAT ANTENNA HIDING ANYWAY? I have a 802.11G PC card and I'm going to try it out on the Acer, even though the Acer came with built in 802.11 a/b. Just curious to see what happens with the.11G PC card. I'll post when I get it going. I'm so happy happy :)to have found THIS SITE. Wish that I'd found it sooner. One more thing--the Acer has BLUETOOTH...OK, not really--CompUSA's spec sheet notates that, but I found out prior to purchasing the Acer, (talked to one of Acer's Company's techies, while in CompUSA,) and was told that "this particular Acer IS BLUETOOTH ready, but we haven't cranked out the BLUETOOTH module yet...when we do, the module can easily be installed into the Acer. Sorry for the long post--I'll be shorter next time.
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