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I have a Turion TL-60 (Tyler) notebook and im thinking about upgrading RAM from 2GB ddr2-667mhz to 4GB ddr2-800mhz (as i know 65nm Turions, which I have, support 800Mhz RAM modules).

Then i found the page, which says that you get high performance only with the right memory.

link is here: Double Power, DDR2 Memory Controller, And Variable Memory Bandwidth

There is a table which shows the relationship between the utilized memory, the CPU model, and the resulting real memory clock rate. On the TL-60, the ddr2-667mhz memory module runs with its full clock rate, but the other modules dont.

So the question is, what would happen if I install 800mhz memory module into my notebook... would it just consume more power and wouldnt do any better performance, or would it really work faster (and how fast)? Is it better to buy 667mhz memory module? And also, would my ATI X1200 integrated graphic card work faster with 800mhz memory?

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  1. I personally think you're only going to consume more power and not see any real benefit I'd just stick with high quality 667 even assuming your laptop could run the memory at 800 you as a user won't be able to see a discernable performance difference even if there is one there it'll be very very tiny. As for your graphics card your GPU is still going to bottleneck no matter how fast the ram it's having access to as it's an integrated solution so giving it faster ram won't do much as it's still stuck with that GPU (nothing wrong with the X1200 at all just saying it's not getting any faster)

    hope this helps

  2. Since you've got more RAM, the machine should have to access the hard disk less, which saves power (though I don't know if you can use 2GB). I believe this should offset the battery loss of 667 vs 800...so, really, all you're getting is another 2GB of ram. Any power savings/expense should be in the minutes range. Honestly, just buy whatever is cheaper.

    And no, more/faster memory will not allow your graphics card to go faster.
  3. i´m having an issue upgrading my ram, i had an acer aspire 4220 with a sempron 3600+ processor running with 4gb of ram, but i upgraded to a turion x2 tl-60 and dont recognize the second bank of ram, if the memory is installed, the notebook doesnt run (stays on black), what problem can be???
  4. Try to update your BIOS. I assume RAM is compatible, so its probably because of the CPU upgrade and older BIOS.

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