Dell studio 17 problem

Hey guys ive had a dell studio 17 for a few weeks now and everything seems to be running fine apart from an annoying problem within gaming.

There seems to be some sort of lag and stuttering, like the game will slow down and then go back to normal , like it catches up. Im sure its not a fps issue as ive ran fraps on games such as fifa which runs at 60fps, need for speed most wanted at around 30fps.

The only game where i dont seem to get this lag is in crysis strangely :o

The system specs are as follows :

Dell studio 17
3gb DDR2 Ram
Intel c2d 5750 @ 2ghz
320gb HD
radeon 3650 256mb gfx card
vista home premium 32bit

Any kind of input or help about why i get this lag would be really appreciated , thanks again. :hello:
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  1. Updated drivers? Try running 3D mark, see what score you get

    This is what I mean when I think about the multiple definitions of FPS. You can have a game running at 60fps and still have it lag and not show up in a bench. Depends on the timing and the limits of your data records.
  2. Hey,

    I had the same problem. Installed Red alert 3 and directx was updated....solved the stutter issues. However, I installed FRAPS and the stutter started up again.

    any ideas???

  3. @nav_909 Opps almost forgot to mention i have exactly the same config as you....cheers
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