Am I getting ripped off... major Home Theater reno...

I know very little about Home Theater's so have hired a guy to build one for me. This is the quote he has given me.

Dreamvision Dreamweaver 2 - HD front projector 5,499.99
Dreamvision Dreamweaver ceiling mount bracket 349.00
Dalite Cinema Contour 106" fixed projector screen 1,499.00
Pioneer Elite 81TXV - 7 channel surround receiver 1,349.00
Pioneer Elite DV46AV - DVD player 499.00
Boston Acoustics VR1 Floorstanding speakers - pair 999.00
Boston Acoustics VRC Center speaker 549.00
Boston Acoustics VRB bookshelf speakers - pair 699.00
Boston Acoustics VRX surround speakers - pair 699.00
Boston Acoustics PV700 - 12" powered subwoofer 749.00
Shaw DCT 6200 HD digital cable box 449.00
Harmony 659 Universal remote control 149.00
Ultralink Digital Cable - 1m 29.99
Ultralink Component cable set - 1m set 59.99

I don't mind spending this kind of money, but I do want to know that I am getting an alright deal. Let me know if I should make any substitutions.

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  1. thats quite a nice system you got going there.

    Check out this site.

    you should get many questions answered there.

    Also, if your wondering about what this guy is putting together, ask for alternative options... and have them explain their choice of one over another.

    For example, ask them about a differant reciever someone mentioned to you (Yamaha RX-V2600, or Denon AVR-4306) and why they chose the pioneer over them...

    They will gladly explain their reasoning...they may tell you that the reciever is more compatible with the spacific items that they have chosen or that they feal that it has the best quality output in the price range...

    they may offer you alternative option that they have done for others in the past and why they chose to do that for them.
    Each item has its pros and cons...but some of the cons can be balanced out by another item if chosen correctly. So if you were to say that you think the Yamaha Reciever is a better buy, they may tell you that it is, but pairing it up with the item they have already choosen doesn't work quite aswell...
  2. I don't know about the rest of the equipment but, I'm reading a Tweeter catalogue that came in the mail today and shows the Pioneer Elite DV46Av DVD player for $299. If this is any indication of your guys pricing, I'd say you are getting ripped off! PS Tweeter isn't known as a discount house.
  3. Also, check out ebay. You can buy the DV46AV on ebay right now for $255!
  4. Yeah, you're getting f*cked if you don't like paying full MSRP and then some. That projectors resolution is garbage. You should have something like this:


    112" Screen:

    The list goes on and on. Your getting ripped hardcore, but thats what happens when you don't reseach and agree to pay full price and then some. Would you pay full sticker on a new car? If your a sucker.


    Go for an SVS subwoofer, they are the best around:

    I prefer the sound of Paradigm speakers, not to mention their resale value:

    Get a Denon...2910 DVD player, I believe. $349 or something.

    Get a HD-DVD player that shoots out a 1080p picture for $499 to match that 1080p Sony projector.

    The projector he has for you has about 600,000 pixels, the 1080p Sony has 2,073,600 pixels.

    I would also look into a USED Rotel Power amp and seperate processor, instead of a receiver. sells used high end, well card for equipment.

    Sorry for ranting, but there is much better for the money....wait, was all that in Canadian?
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