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just today my friend's r3k started to boot up in a strange way. First it seemed as it was suspended [power was on but the display was blank] but after few restarts and after pluging in a power cable it started.

After about 30 minutes working I turned it off and took home. After that sometimes I had to wait even 5-10 minutes for him to boot up. Sometimes it just started after 1 minute [which is ages in comparison to few seconds as it was before].
I checked RAM and HDD - they seemed to be ok.

Another strange thing is that when Windows started volume was constantly decreasing. And device manager is refreshing every 5 seconds. Right before it refreshes the volume decreases a little.

Do you know if it is repairable in home conditions or it is a case for Compaq service team? The warranty expired.
Waiting forward to your reply
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  1. Did you run memtest86 for a while, and tried the laptop without the hdd and dvd/cd player? Maybe erratic behaviour because of overheating, like clogged fans, thermal paste gone between cpu and cooler due to vibrations? Never any error beeps? Is the screen coming on right away, or is this always delayed too?
    A bad lcd cable/loose connector will also halt posting, connect a external monitor to see a difference.
    I just went to a local repair shop to see for another mainboard for mine, cause they advertised with r3000 spares, and all he had was good hdd, cpu's and plastic covers. From the 6 r3000's that came in dead, all the onboard video card's memory died, causing strange intermitting boots!
  2. I havce not had that problem.. Yet. The only issue I have had with mine so far is the power cord issue. BUt I have heard of that happening.
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