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Just a quick question. It used to be that you could use a 2 gig stick even with a higher speed rating instead of a 1 gig stick (and a slower rating) as long as it fit properly into the slot. If your system could only recognize 1 gig, then you were just out the other gig and the RAM would run at the slower speed. Does this still hold true?

I understand it is a waste to go with a higher capacity and speed, but other than that is it a problem? I ask because I have some memory that I'd like to use in a laptop for my daughter instead of buying new. It is the right type/pinn config. but is the wrong speed/capacity. And is there any chance it could recognize the higher capacity?


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  1. I've never heard of that. . . memory speed doesn't hae anything to do with anything-- compatability-wise-- that I'm aware.
  2. Both your memory modules must run at the same speed. If you attempt to use two pin compatable modules at different speeds, your motherboard will automatically use them both at the slowest module's speed (at least, it will try - if the module doesn't like the downclock, it will give you a BSOD or won't post). If the downclock succeeds you may use both module's capacities at the slower module's speed. Mixing and matching module capacity isn't a factor in this.
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