Just bought the Dell 2405 very scared after reading reviews

Hello all i have seen that there is a wealth of information on this forum and am hoping some kind soul will help me feel at ease again. Just to let people know what kind of system i am running:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 939 3500
Motherboard: I cant remember the exact name but it is a really good asus
Storage: 620GB shared between 300GB external, 2x 80GB + 1x 160GB SATA hard drives
Drives: 4x DVD recordable drives including HP Lightscribe
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 7800gtx
Ram: 2GB
Sound Card: Creative Audigy 4 Platinium
MONITOR: 22inch Philips brilliance 202p4 CRT Flatscreen

The monitor i have currently is amazing, its huge at a weight of 35KG and you really need to see the back before you would belive anything i say about its size but the quality is unquestionable
It currently runs at 1600 x 1200 at 85 HZ so its clean and flicker free. Its only recently i have noticing the review world is starting to mention that TFT are getting closer to the quality of a CRT and i therefore have purchased a Dell 24inch TFT monitor.

The only thing is i have only just stumbled upon all the things said about it on this site so i am really getting scared as to if it really is going to live up to its name!

I have seen that its the new 2407 models that are getting alot of trouble because of the drivers or something but people are being nicer about the 2005 model which i have luckly purchased from ebay.

My question is this, with my current system do you think i will be able to run it (mainly for games along with photo work) successfully at its native resolution ro should i sell it on and by a veiwsonic 21.3inch that everyone keeps going on about how good it is?

Any advice would be extremley appreciated
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  1. Hey bud,
    You have almost the exact same system I have... Including the 2405 :)
    You will not regret buying that monitor. It is totally awesome and will display just fine. I have slight problems running newer games at MAX settings so I'll lower the resolution down to 1680x1050 or 1440x900(for oblivion) and both look great. As far as drivers mine worked no problems... Well at first I couldn't get the thing to even turn on in windows but a boot into safe mode and back out fixed that problem.

  2. I have been wanting a 2405 for a while, now that the reviews are in for the new 2407, I'm sticking to my orignal goal for the 2405. It's the better monitor, Dell went to the new panel for marketing reasons, and I think they're going to regret it. The new 2407 is only a 6bit, where your 2405 is a true 8bit (much better color accuracy).

    Stick with the one you have, it's still one of the best on the market.
  3. well i have the 2405 fpw and have to say that it does take a bit of power to run. i do have crossfire but it aint necessary.

    as far as quality i will stick my neck out and say there aint a better 24" out there. i ain't seen any others but i am so sure i'll say it anyway.

    it is excelent and don't worry if you can run things in native, as it has a 1:1 pixel function which although means black borders means you can run games in proper "native style". still depending on what games you play and if you feel the need for AA you should do fine as your gfx card is no slouch.

    for photo work i would imagine it will be great as any images on mine look fantastic but i am no expert. also unlike those useless lugs that are crt's you can rotate it 90 degrees into portrait mode and view any oblong pics without scrolling as long as they ain't longer than 1920.

    all in all it is a great monitor which should suit all purposes.
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