Hello guys I have problem

hello guys I have problem with video card(envedia) and the problem is (when i want run some games the windows show me message says (coudn't find any 3-D accelration hardware on your system.please make sure that your card properly installed.)

so I don't know what I have supposed to do with this problem help m eguys I'm trouble because I can't play any games.I'm waiting for your answer and thanks.
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  1. what video card, and what games?
  2. What is this mystery video card?

    Did you plug your monitor into your video card or the motherboard?
  3. yes, but something happend to my desktop and it(my computer fall form the desk )
    so do you think the video card has been effected by this accident.
  4. the type is eNEVIDIA GeForce 430
    and another thing, do you know (motorcross madness game)? I tryed to install this game but during the installing the setup of game show me this (no 3D accelration hardware detected) so what shall I do with this problem? please help me guys!
  5. the type of video card is GeForce GT 430
  6. Have you tried reinstalling the drivers?

    Go to NVIDIAS website and download the drivers for the Video Card you listed.
    If that doesn't work try reseating the video card in the PCI slot.
    If that doesn't work I'd suggest downloading Direct X10.1 or whatever the newest version is.
    If that doesn't work try formatting.
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