sb live, whole system stutters or crashes

i've had an ongoing problem for a long time now, which has become much more annoying since i started using my PC to record tv.

while using the pc, it will periodically freeze for 1-3 seconds. Meaning the mouse stops moving, anything i type doesnt show up (although after the freeze is over whatever i typed during the freeze will suddenly appear). If there is a sound playing while this freeze occurs, the sound will continue playing, but in a loop, playing the same fraction of a second of sound over and over. I cant find any pattern to when these freezes/stutters occur. It'll happen while just web surfing (happened once so far while i'm typing this) or gaming or watching a video.

Occasionally, maybe once every 2 weeks, the system will just crash. It'll freeze... and after 4-5 seconds the monitor goes off, the keyboard stops responding and i cant do anything other then hit reset. Nothing gets recorded in the event log and xp doesnt even realize there was a crash since no error dialog pops up on reboot.

I've tried replacing my video card, my power supply, my network card and my vid capture card. And a reinstall of xp as well. After doing some more digging, i've found some other people who seem to have the same problem and they are using an SB live sound card. A few other people suggested its the SB live's inability to share an irq. Right now my sb live is sharing irq22 with my nic.

is there any way i can move it to another nic? the option to do so in the hardware manager is greyed out.

Failing that, my motherboard has onboard sound. Anyone know if its decent enough to just chuck the sound card and use that? Just getting tired of replacing hardware pieces trying to track this down.

My system specs:

asus p4p800 deluxe
p4 2.6 w/hyperthreading
(4) 256 meg ddr400 kingston memory (1 gig total)
sb live value
ati 9700 pro
hauppauge pvr 250 capture card
onboard nic
450watt psu
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  1. Your onboard sound is probably good enough. But if you want to keep the card, try moving it to a different PCI slot.

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  2. well i just swapped it with the hauppauge card since that had irq21 all to itself. now the sound card has 21 and the hauppauge is sharing 22 with the nic.

    Only had the machine on for 10 minutes now but so far it hasnt stuttered yet ... i'm keeping my fingers crossed :)
  3. unfortunately this did not fix it ;( although it seems to be happening less often now. Before it was happening a few times an hour ... more often if i was watching a video or playing a game. Now it seems to be happening once an hour or a little less (happened twice so far in a little over 2 hours).

    I'll try pulling the sound card and using the onboard sound. Just wondering if anyone has any other ideas what might be causing this? could it still be the sound card even if it has its own irq?

    i think i saw another post where someone suggested increasing (or decreasing) the pci latency in the bios settings. Guess i'll try that next before i pull stuff out.
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