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Where do I find save games in windows 7 pro. I want to insert a saved game.
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  1. I don't think Windows 7 has a "Saved Games" location like Vista had. Microsoft decided to discontinue that feature.
  2. it depends on the game, if you tell me the title i can most likely tell you the location, if not google can.
  3. saved games are all game dependant. some are located directly in the game folder it installed on, others in the my games folder in windows. it all just depends.
  4. title of the game is , Atlantis Evolution, The Adventure Company. To hella-d
  5. some stored in

    "Drive":\Users\"User Name"\Documents\

    some in

    "Drive":\Users\"User Name"\AppData\Local

    The other save in the game folder or the folder we set to save...
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