Misreading HDD

im having difficulties with my new HDD, WD1600JD, windows setup(xp) and windows itself only read the drive as 130 Gb, when it is deffinatly a 160 Gb. The bios is reading the driver correctly(i think, it says drive capacity "160" with no unit label)

i have updated the bios to the newest version, but i cant think of anything else to try. is my windows xp cd too old to read drives above 130 gb???

System Specs:
Western Digital WD1600JD
Aopen AX4C Max II
Intel P4 2.8C
Corsair TWINX512-3200LLPT
Temp Hardware:
Mitsumi 12x cdrom
some old "graphics" card out a gateway p-133
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  1. Update to the latest service pack, problem is well documented on Microsoft's site, and most mtherboard and hard drive manufacturer's sites. Probably in faq in this section too.
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