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I have a toshiba Satelite running Vista Business. Yesterday while burning a DVD I started getting audio feedback in my onboard speakers. After checking, it appears that my built in Microphone has activated and is feeding audio to my speakers. When I turn up the volume I get feedback. Also the same if I plug in my remote speakers. I have looked in the control panel to find a way to disable the Mic but no luck. I have removed the software I was using to burn the DVD again no change. I have rebooted several times but there is no change. Has anyone had this trouble before or any ideas on what to do.
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  1. Just mute the microphone in the system volume control. You can disable it if you want, too. In the sounds part of control panel. If your microphone isn't there, you have bigger things to worry about.
  2. The microphone does not show up in the sounds section. Says no recording devices are installed. I guess I have more problems.
  3. I would reinstall your audio drivers and see if it picks it up. Does your unit use a third party audio control application?
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