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I recently bought an HP dv41120us laptop (vista x64) and overall its great, but theres one problem. I set it so that when i close the lid it goes into hibernate. so when i am done using it i close the lid and it goes into hibernate and i plug it into power so its read for the next time i want to use it.

almost every time i do this, if i give it several hours, when i come back to it, it is powered up instead of being in hibernate. i guess this is fine if its plugged in, but sometimes i forget to plug it in and then when i go to power it back on, instead of comign out of hibernate, it says the battery dies. so it obviously powered itself on and then the battery depleted and shut it off.

i have no idea why it keeps waking up from hibernate on its own... can anyone help me figure this out?
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  1. Check your windows update settings. Make sure they aren't set to automatically download and install at a specific time. I have no idea if that can even happen if its in Hibernate to be honest but worth looking into.

    As well there are hibernate issues with Vista that primarily relate to it waking up and taking quite a while before the system is usable. This was 'fixed' in SP1 but I've seen it happen a few times after.
  2. I do have automatic updates turned on i think so i will try disabling that... i didnt think that was capable of waking it up from hibernate - but i'll give anything a try.

    and luckily i havent had any problems with it coming out of hibernate - that always seems to work as long as the battery isnt dead.

    thanks for the reply.
  3. ok so i turned off the automatic updates and still my laptop is waking up out of hybernate on its own. how the heck can i figure out what is waking it up? isnt there some kind of system log or something that could tell me this?

    its really annoying.
  4. hey bdee1,
    so sry to hear dat, m havin a sony vaio, bt nothng upset in it
    some of ma frnds have hp too
    i thnk its better to check it with some sales guy
  5. I just bought an HP HDX16t a few weeks ago, and I'm getting this exact same thing. I shut the lid, it goes into hibernation, and then hours later it's back on, not sure how long it takes, it usually happens by the time i wake up the next morning so 6-7 hours, but this is DEFINITELY annoying, my updates are set to ASK me if it finds any but i'm doubtfull that's what's doing it, had one frient says his desktop pc running Vista will do this as well but out of sleep rather then hibernation.... not sure what's goin on
  6. The only thing that I know of to bring a computer out of hibernate is an event set to do so. This could be in the BIOS or in a power setting for a particular device-- but it is usually for stand by and not hibernate. . . are you sure it is hibernating and not simply going into stand by?
  7. I have the same problem and the only thing that seems to work is pulling the AC adapter cord out before hibernating. If the AC cord is plugged in, it keeps waking up from both sleep and hibernate. Still not a real fix to the problem.
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