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I have a HP Pavilion G6, second gen i3 laptop with 4GB ram. Recently I've been noticing my browser displaying a weird set of tile image at random times. From my experience, this only occurs on one tab at a time. That is, one tab will display the weird image, while other tab won't. I'm able to scroll up/down on that particular tab, but I won't be able to see the site because of the image overlay. After a minute or if I exit the tab, the symptoms go away.

I mainly use google Chrome and Firefox and it's happened on both. I've reinstalled both browsers and it still happens. I'm hoping someone can diagnose the problem. BTW the ram and CPU is below 50% when I check the task manager.

Some other guy had the same issue but I don't think he found an answer. He posted this image, which is exactly the same image that I get:
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  1. A few things to try...
    Update Java, Flash player, and video drivers. Snag any other drivers you can find for good measure.
    Run a virus scan in safe mode. AVG Free is my personal favorite.
    Disable/uninstall any bloatware that may be running using 'msconfig' (good practice anyway).
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