Rebuilding an OLD laptop to newer specs... HELP!!

Some of you may know a lot more about this than me, and that's why I need your help here. I know desktops, and laptops have just been a hobby as of late. But I found one that has really stumped me.

I recently acquired an old Dell Latitude LM series notebook PC, it has Win95, and 72meg of RAM. the processor is a Pentium 133mhz.

Now comes the fun part. I have been seeing article after article on the net that all say that old laptops can be salvaged and made to run better than they did before at little to no cost.

What I am wondering here is can it be done with this machine, so it can run XP, or at least Win98SE?

I can be reached at I would appreciate any help with this if possible. Thanks.
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  1. hey tusk,
    i thnk its better if you go for a new one. ofcourse if you have money
    some laptops cannot be upgraded thats the sad part
  2. True, but I kinda like the challenge of trying to revive an old laptop. I think this came from a trade school's automotive lab. It still had vehicle diagnostic programs on it.
  3. No, I think hat one is probably too old. I've only had luck with the Dell CP Series (BIOS flash can turn a CP into a CPi wnd then you can run a PII in it.) Similar to making a Thinkpad 600E run ike a 600X.

    Oh, the Armada 4100 / 4200 series are basically identical, but you're working with non-standard parts there.

    Basically they only real upgrade you can do to about any notebook is swap the processor and max out the RAM. That's about it.
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